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About Kobe Suma Sea World

Kobe Suma Sea World

All life,on a grand scale.

At this aquarium,
you can witness the scale of life.

Aquariums play a role in the following four areas of society:
1. Recreation 2. Education
3. Conservation 4. Surveys and research

The balance among these four areas make up an aquarium’s character.
At Kobe Suma Sea World, we take into account society’s state of affairs and value the former role of Suma Aqualife Park KOBE to expand upon the idea of the “wellbeing of the aquarium’s animals” and evolve into a new phase.
Wellbeing of the Aquarium's Animals
A n   E d u t a i n m e n t   A q u a r i u m   t o   C o n n e c t
A n   E d u t a i n m e n t   A q u a r i u m
t o   C o n n e c t
Kobe Suma Sea World was designed with the concept of an “Edutainment Aquarium to ‘Connect.'”
“Edutainment,” or the merging of “education” and “entertainment,” is a coined term that represents what we want to deliver: education while having fun.
We aim to be an aquarium that provides excitement
for both adults and children through education and play,
while valuing the four main roles of aquariums within society:
recreation, education, conservation, and research.
recreation education conservation research
We will lead visitors to better understanding of the natural environment and the biology of animals through our exhibits.
We will provide visitors with participatory learning programs for fun and educational experiences utilizing digital technology.
We will lead society to a sustainable future through the promotion of breeding and conservation.
Surveys and research
Surveys and research
We will work to push forward conservation activities of animals through research.

“Connect” with the park,
local communities, global society, life,
and the future

What we want to deliver at Kobe Suma Sea World is an experience for visitors
to witness and feel the energetic radiance and biology of life exactly as they are,
and to be a place where visitors can experience
the true intelligence and athleticism of animals
first-hand through their performances.
We hope that through priceless experiences like these,
visitors can gain
a sense of how we are
“connected” with the sea.
Five Ways to
  • New methods merging real and virtual technologies (VR, apps)
  • Night-time entertainment
  • Surprising and moving performances(orcas, dolphins)
  • Exhibits inspired by interacting with life(dolphins,Sea Turtles)
  • Care for the aquarium’s animals and breeding technology (emphasis on the quality of life of animals)
  • Networking among aquariums across the country and around the world
  • Research institution of a global standard (Kobe Reproduction and Conservation Research Center)
  • Environmental education to learn together with children
  • Ripple effect of community collaboration
  • Community hub for regional contribution
  • Inclusive of park views through open-concept exhibi
  • Suma Collection exhibit
  • 須磨海浜公園
  • 神戸須磨シーワールドホテル